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OSS Championship at Rockingham


Qualifying went well and we even had time for a complete front bodywork and splitter change which lowered the temperatures by about 10C which was welcome on a hot day which was only being intensified by the concrete bowl effect that is Rockingham

P3 on the grid was the result just behind Mike Jenvey and Josh Smith

Race 1

The start of race 1 was a strange one. Despite getting away well and tucking in behind Josh I had to lift mid corner on the banking due to catching him too quickly and this allowed a couple of Radicals past  into the hairpin. This held me up through the tight in field section of Rockingham and to my frustration I could see Josh and Mike drifting away up front.

Head down and start pressing! I wrestled my way by 2 of the Radicals in the infield section over the next laps or so but it took me a couple more to get by the final one round the banking section so back into third.

Pleasingly I wasn’t too far away from the leaders and now in clean air started to catch them quite quickly – breaking the Class A lap record in the process and setting fastest lap of the race!

I was just catching Mike and Josh when to my surprise I saw Mike fly off at the hairpin and into the tyre barriers. It turned out later that this was due to rear brake failure. This promoted me up to second. I continued to pressure Josh but ultimately there was not enough time left in the race to make a serious attempt for the lead so settled for second overall and another Class A win.

Race 2 & 3

Race 2 & 3 saw 2 further second places and Class A wins with a good battle with Josh each time. Race 2 was close until the front tyres cried enough and led to a brief trip to the gravel trap – thankfully no damage other than a seriously dusty car – sorry team!!

Race 3 saw me into the lead at the first corner but Josh got back though into the hairpin making the most of the light nimble Radical on cold tyres. I was right on his tail for most of the race but in the searing temperatures our current enemy overheating crept in. I had to turn down the boost for 2 laps and dropped off Josh and allowed the temps to cool before staging a comeback taking over a second a lap out of him for 2 laps.

Again though there was not enough time left so another strong second and Class A win!

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