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Sports 2000 Championship at Silverstone April 2024

The first race weekend of the 2024 season for the Sports 2000 Championship. A full grid with reserves so a good start. The test day didn't go very well for a lot of people. We had 16 MCR Race Cars on the grid for the weekend.

MCR Race Cars at Silverstone Race Circuit in the Sports 2000 Championship 2024

The Sports 2000 Championship changed to Hoosier Tyres for the 2024 season supplied by BMTR Motorsport Tyres. The introduction of the new tyres meant a sightly different set up and a different driving style. The new tyres certainly mixed the grids up which made for some very interesting racing and some very surprised happy drivers. I dare say the grids will move around as the season continues.

Here are the results of the first three races of the season.

MCR Race Cars in the Sports 2000 Championship at Silverstone race circuit

Racing results MCR Race Cars in Sports 2000 Championship

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