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MSVR 2020 Launch Day at Brands Hatch 2020

Sports 2000 cars took to the track for the first time this year.Taking part in the MSVR Media day at Brands Hatch.

We arrived Wednesday evening and dropped off the car by the pit garages at Brands Hatch ready for the 2020 MSVR Media Day to showcase some of the championships racing this season.

Thursday morning we turned up at the circuit to sign on at 7.30 and it was really cold and raining heavy. The forecast did say it was going to clear up in the afternoon so we crossed our fingers.

We bought the blue and orange MCR and fitted the passenger seat. Ian, Ash and Josh Law bought their MCR covered in the new championship sponsors logos and Chris Snowdon bought his CSR Historic Pinto car.

After a safety briefing and noise test the three Sports 2000 cars followed a camera vehicle out onto the circuit in the snow to shoot some formation shots.

It started to clear up a little so all the cars started to drive around the circuit then during lunch time one car in each MSVR Championship lined up on the start line for a grid shot, hopefully we will see it on the MSVR web site soon.

Lunch time over and Giles had turned up with his white MCR so that his sponsors could do some promotion shots. They bought along a camera man and marketing lady who ended up having passenger rides in the two seater MCR. The screaming camera man and the super excited marketing lady thoroughly enjoyed the ride and spent all afternoon filming and interviewing. We got a slot on the news that evening which is great promotion and there should be a sports documentary in the not too far future.

Sports 2000 sponsor Mike of Creative Funding Solutions enjoyed a few laps around the circuit and there were plenty of journalists around taking photos, including our very own championship photographer, Kevin Gibson of KJG Photography.

It turned out to be a very successful, sunny day. Looking forward to seeing the photos appearing in the press.

Report courtesy of Cindy pearce of MCR Race cars

MSVR launch Day at Brands Hatch Race Circuit

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