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Sports Prototype Racing Cars


Using the latest technology, the quality of manufacture of its components and everything under the skin, looks neat, oozes quality and has a robustness about it.

Designed by Welshman Clive Hayes and Brazilian designer Luiz Fernando Cruz, each car is hand built at our factory in Wales. Beautiful design using the latest technology and high quality components.

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These MCR Race Cars are for hire with Arrive and Drive packages

The MCR is built for speed, endurance and good looks, is very robust and easy to service and maintain.

Various engines and transmissions can be fitted and the car can be adapted to comply with the regulations of a variety of championships.  The MCR is also the ultimate track day and race school car.

The factory will also repair and service your car and machining work can be undertaken should you require something different.

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Manufacturers of sports prototype racing cars for circuit racing, track days, racing schools, sprints and hillclimbs.

MCR race car mechanics services their racing car


Arrive and Drive packages available to race an MCR Race Car in the Sports 2000 Championship.

Race Cars for Sale

New and used MCR racing cars for sale

This black and gold MCR Race Car is for sale
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